Our history begins in 1883. Dr. Ira Condit, a retired Presbyterian missionary who had worked in China, established the Chinese Mission of Santa Barbara under the sponsorship of the Board of Home Missions of the New York Presbyterian Church. In 1915, the Chinese Mission of Santa Barbara became directly associated with Santa Barbara Presbyterian Church. Three former missionaries, nicknamed the three graces, Miss Terry, Miss Livermore, and Miss Gorham helped run the ministry.
In 1916, Mr. June Yee, “Uncle June,” arrived in Santa Barbara from China. He was led to Christ by Miss Gorham and worked to spread the Gospel among Chinese in Santa Barbara. Rev. John Wong formed a house church during the early 60s. Uncle June helped keep the church going until the late 60s when the church moved into Hope Evangelical Free Church. At the time, Ruth Hitchcock, a retired missionary from China returned to Santa Barbara where she supported the many ministries of the church. Uncle June, Miss Hitchcock, and Rev. Burns Anderson of Calvary Baptist Church Santa Barbara, worked to help the church grow. In the 70s, the church acquired its first full-time pastor, Rev. But-Biu Li.
In 1991, the church relocated to our current location. Over the years, God has called many to serve our church, Rev. James Chien-Wei Yang, Rev. Kenneth Auyeung, Pastor Abraham Niu, and Pastor Adrian Lim.